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Dressing Table Mirrors

The best seller of these mirrors is the Triptych or three sided mirror as it allows you to view every angle simultaneously. They are the perfect make up mirror at home. They also compliment our range of art deco mirrors. Having one of each in a room, as a set, could be a perfect finishig touch.

Dressing table mirrors usually come in the Venetian style meaning they have no frame to distract you from what the mirror is there for, to show the individual off in their best light.

Dressing table mirrors come in all shapes and sizes but perhaps the most popular is the Venetian Mirror. These beautiful mirrors with their bevelled edges and curvaceous design can turn an ordinary room into a chic boudoir. Classic, elegant and definitely feminine, a beautiful Venetian mirror can become the focal point in a room.

Venetian style dressing table mirrors don’t always have a frame, making do with etchings instead. They certainly look particularly striking when placed in front of a bold coloured wall. Today it’s possible to buy this type of mirror with a contemporary feel, as well as a vintage mirror in the design of the original etchings in 16th century Italy.

If a dressing table or Venetian mirror is what you,re after, then take a look through our collections today. We have plenty of variety to suit all tastes and would be happy to advise, tel: 01753 369085 Benefit from free UK delivery on all orders.